Country Manor Shake

Country Manor Shake

Country Manor Shake

Since the 1970s, Country Manor Shake has consistently demonstrated itself as a superior and more dependable roofing solution compared to the traditional wooden shake roofs that have been in use for centuries.

The foundational structure of Country Manor Shake entails a robust aluminum alloy composition, supplemented by air pockets strategically positioned between the alloy layer and the roof deck. This ingenious design confers added strength and resilience to the entire structure. Furthermore, the roof is adorned with an exquisite interlocking pattern, available in a diverse array of vibrant colors and styles that impart an exceptionally captivating aesthetic. Beyond its visual allure, this interlocking design provides an inherent advantage by offering exceptional safeguarding against harsh weather elements, including snow, rain, and forceful winds.

Country Manor Shake

One of the notable merits inherent to these metal roofs is their exceptional fire resistance. They not only act as a barrier against combustion-related damage but also mitigate the potential for property harm by minimizing the risk of roof collapse, a vulnerability often associated with traditional tiles and wood. The paramount highlight of Country Manor Shake, however, lies in its application of a fine layer of HI-R reflective paint on the panels. This innovation translates into remarkable energy efficiency for your residence, curtailing heat loss during winter while ensuring a refreshingly cool interior throughout the summer months.

What's even more enticing is that you need not compromise on aesthetics to enjoy these manifold advantages. Country Manor Shake rooftops offer an array of shades, all fortified with cutting-edge coating technology – an industry pinnacle that thwarts issues like peeling, color deterioration, and cracks. This ensures that your roofing remains stylish and pristine for an extended duration. At Only Metal Roofs, our unwavering commitment revolves around furnishing products of unparalleled quality. Our adept team specializes in the meticulous installation of the finest Country Manor Shake roofs for your abode. Feel free to get in touch with us today to embark on this transformative journey!

Country Manor Shake Colors

We offer a wide variety of colors available for Country Manor Shakes

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