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Metal roofing for residential, commercial and industrial installation and fabrication. We provide metal roofing installation such as standing seam, metal shingles and metal shake to all northeast states.

Metal Roofing Installation

We specialize in metal roofing installation and Fabrication

With over 20 years of combined experience we have installed all types of metal roofing from the most common to the most complicated, at PMRS we fabricate and install standing seam metal roofs, We also install and fabricate copper roofs and zinc roofs.

When Considering a metal roof for your project some of the most important details to take into consideration are the geographical location of the job, slope factors, color, and expansion and contraction.

Standing Seam

Metal Shake

Gutters installation


Chimney caps


At PMRS we have in-house estimators, We will do all the necessary work to get accurate quantities and provide precise quotes.

We can estimate residential houses, Commercial projects, and industrial projects.

Our Team can also produce when required a set of shop drawings and installation drawings for commercial and industrial installations that are used for review of architects and engineers.

Our Services:



Water tightness Warranties


Metal Roofing Trim Fabrication

Fabricating all metal roofing components in-house

We have Computerized CNC folding machines and pneumatic shears to produce all components with specific angles for specific projects. We can Fabricate any part from any angle, this is a important part of following industry standards for fabrication practices.

All parts are delivered to the job site with a name tag and a specific angle, the metal roofing system is measured area by area and part by part and precisely fabricated to fit that condition. Our method of fabrication will have all the correct parts and accessories for a system that will last a lifetime.

Custom Fabrication

PMRS Has the capability to make all parts and pieces for the metal roofing system, gutter system, custom panels, Coping, and Chimney caps.

We have state-of-the-art computerized equipment to produce parts with the same dimensions every time. Creating a consistent system that will look symmetric.

Working with Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Designers to ensure the project is completed with all the tests and calculations when required.



Gravel Stop

Metal Roofing Trim

Flat Seam Panels

Diamond Panels

Roll forming

Computerized Cutting CNC

On-Site Fabrication

PMRS we have the capability to fabricate Standing Seam Metal roofing at the job sites when Required, In fact, we have fabricated panels up to 120' at the job site before.

When Installing Oversized panels, Appropriate accessories are required in order to keep the life of the roof and the installation warranty in place, the panels need to expand and contract due to thermal expansion and the standing seam system must be installed with slight variations depending on the seasons to accommodate the thermal expansion.

For panels over 15' we recommend Floating clips to allow the panel to expand and contract and it is highly recommended that we add the Stiffening Ribs and Clip Relief to the panels to help minimize the modulation created by the thermal expansion AKA Oil Canning.

On-Site Fabrication

On-site panel Storage

Proper Panel Positioning to avoid water damage to the panels

Labeling panels

Properly placing the panels on top of the Roof.