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Oxford Shingle

The Oxford Shingle emerges as a premier aluminum roofing solution, tailor-made for those seeking an elegant and unassuming option. Renowned for its timeless allure and slate-like appearance, the Oxford Shingle features an impeccably designed interlocking system.

A paramount advantage of the Oxford Shingle lies in its imperviousness to rust, a virtue inherent to its aluminum composition. This attribute sets it apart from roofing systems grounded in steel. The aluminum employed consists of an impressive 90% recycled material, which is subsequently coated with the latest in cooling technology. This advanced layering curtails thermal fluctuations, culminating in an energy-efficient home environment and a reduction in overall energy expenditure.

Distinctive to our Oxford Shingle line is its aluminum foundation, endowing each square foot with a weight of approximately 40 pounds. This stands in stark contrast to steel-based roofs, which often exceed 100 pounds per square foot. The lightweight nature of our aluminum shingles positions them as the optimal choice for both commercial and residential structures. This reduced load minimizes structural stress, thereby significantly extending the lifespan of the building itself. Moreover, the installation process is streamlined, permitting easy placement atop pre-existing rooftops and negating the need for costly removal procedures.

The aluminum alloy's inherent properties also confer water resistance, augmenting the overall longevity of this roofing system. As a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, Only Metal Roof’s Oxford Shingle system is available in an array of designs and color schemes, affording you a plethora of choices. Each design is meticulously coated with HI-R treatment, not only rendering the roof fire-resistant but also enhancing its structural integrity. For unparalleled quality, reach out to our team of experts and embark on the journey to elevate your roof with the exquisite Oxford Shingle today!

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