Interlock Standing Seam

Interlock Standing Seam

Interlock Standing Seam

Suitable for installation on new constructions or as an overlay on existing roofs, Interlock Standing Seam offers a weather-resistant roofing solution. All trims and caps are meticulously designed to ensure a seamlessly integrated and weather-proof roof.

Custom-manufactured to any specified length, Interlock Standing Seam comprises roll-formed panels featuring a ribbed contour for enhanced strength. The panels feature a uniquely designed ridge that securely interlocks them, creating a robust system. Coated with the Alunar® Coating System, these panels boast an exceptionally durable and visually appealing surface.

standing seam metal roofs

Although standing seam metal roofs have been in existence since the early 1900s, their popularity has surged in recent times as individuals seek alternatives to traditional shingle-style roofs. The distinctive design of standing seams provides exceptional protection against water damage and wind uplift, all while ensuring straightforward installation and minimal maintenance needs. It comes as no surprise that an increasing number of individuals are opting for this option when renovating their properties.

Weighing significantly less than many other roofing systems, Interlock Standing Seam Metal Roofs eliminate the need for special preparation, resulting in reduced structural costs. Whether for new construction or roof renovations, Interlock Standing Seam offers a reliable and lightweight roofing solution.

Interlock Standing Seam Colors

We offer a wide variety of colors available for Interlock Standing Seam

Interlock Standing Seam For Your Next Project

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At Permanent Metal Roofing Systems, we fabricate the entire system in-house, we believe that we can be on a budget and provide the best quality products when our team controls all aspects of the metal roofing system.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are a Permanent Roofing System with a lifetime warranty from us (PMRS), this will be the last roof you will ever put on your house.