Interlock® Copper Roofing

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Interlock® Copper Roofing

For centuries, copper roofing has stood as a prized material, adorning the rooftops of countless structures with its enduring allure. Interlock presents a diverse range of styles and thickness options, including Slate and Cedar Shingle in 12 oz or 16 oz, Shake or Standing Seam in 16 oz, and Tile in 20 oz copper, catering to a wide array of design preferences. A symbol of architectural excellence throughout history, copper roofs are celebrated for their transformative impact on the visual appeal of any building. Beyond their aesthetic charm, copper's exceptional performance guarantees durability and minimal maintenance.

As a living material, copper undergoes a natural oxidation process post-installation. It commences with a bright, shiny metallic hue, evolving through various shades of bronze and subtle greens, ultimately culminating in its distinct variegated green patina. The pace of this transformation is influenced by the roof's location and environmental factors, potentially taking 30-35 years to achieve its final verdigris appearance.

Choosing a copper roof not only enhances your home's visual allure but also provides the benefits of a resilient, enduring, and time-tested roofing material.

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At Permanent Metal Roofing Systems, we fabricate the entire system in-house, we believe that we can be on a budget and provide the best quality products when our team controls all aspects of the metal roofing system.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are a Permanent Roofing System with a lifetime warranty from us (PMRS), this will be the last roof you will ever put on your house.