Interlock® Shake

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Interlock® Shake

Experience a lifetime of the timeless elegance of cedar shake roofing with Interlock® Shake Roofing. Say goodbye to the issues of traditional cedar shakes—Interlock® Shake is impervious to splitting, warping, mold, and rot. Enjoy the stunning aesthetics without the hassle of routine maintenance or replacements. Interlock® Shake panel boasts a cutting-edge two-way interlocking aluminum roofing system. Each panel features an intricate grain texture, accentuated by the durable Alunar® Coating System, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing surface. Choose from a comprehensive selection of color-matching trims to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Invest in the Interlock® Metal Roofing System, equipped with a 50-Year Transferable, Non-ProRated Lifetime Limited Warranty for peace of mind and enduring quality.

Discover the lasting strength and style of Interlock® Roofing’s premium aluminum roofing solution. Choose from a diverse array of colors to create a personalized palette for homeowners and designers alike. Our Interlock Lifetime Metal Roofing Systems are safeguarded for a lifetime through the exclusive Alunar® Coating System, ensuring enduring protection and beauty.

Interlock® Shake Colors

We offer a wide variety of colors available for Rustic Shingles

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At Permanent Metal Roofing Systems, we fabricate the entire system in-house, we believe that we can be on a budget and provide the best quality products when our team controls all aspects of the metal roofing system.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are a Permanent Roofing System with a lifetime warranty from us (PMRS), this will be the last roof you will ever put on your house.