Grandetile roofs


Regarded as one of the most captivating roofing aesthetics, Grandetile emerges as a prime choice among classical roofing materials, offering the exquisite appearance of tiled roofing while presenting an array of advantages beyond those of standard tile roofs.

Grandetile roofs, distinguished by their exceptional robustness and elegant contours, prove to be an impeccable option for both residential and commercial settings. In stark contrast to the weighty nature of traditional tiled roofs, which harbor the peril of catastrophic collapse, Grandetiles stand as featherweight champions of longevity. They mirror the classic tile aesthetic while maintaining a sleek and enduring composition. While conventional lightweight tiles can exert a burden of around 500 pounds per square, Grandetiles merely tip the scales at 75 pounds per square, positioning them as unparalleled alternatives to conventional roofing tiles.

grandetile roofs

Enveloped in the epitome of excellence, our Grandetile roofs boast a superlative HI-R coating, elevating their lifespan and delivering remarkable cost savings compared to alternative materials. This proprietary coating not only establishes them as paragons of energy efficiency but also operates as a bulwark against heat loss, culminating in energy savings of over 20%. The presence of internal air gaps synergistically amplifies the heat-retention effect, further enhancing their longevity.

Transitioning to the realm of color and design, our array of Grandetiles spans a spectrum of colors and motifs, infusing your abode with an air of elegance and splendor. The optional ThermoBond coating feature adds an enchanting blending effect to the hues, intensifying their allure and visual appeal.

Grandetile Colors

We offer a wide variety of colors available for Grandetiles

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At Permanent Metal Roofing Systems, we fabricate the entire system in-house, we believe that we can be on a budget and provide the best quality products when our team controls all aspects of the metal roofing system.

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