Slate Rock Oxford

Slate Rock Oxford

Slate Rock Oxford

The Slate Rock Oxford represents an aluminum alloy of exceptional merit, boasting an innate resistance to rust that endures throughout its lifespan. This corrosion-free attribute, coupled with its stainless character, bestows upon it a remarkable durability, setting it apart from numerous other roofing alternatives.

A defining advantage of the Slate Rock Oxford lies in its notably diminished weight, averaging around 40 pounds per 100 square feet. In stark contrast, genuine slate rock roofs can tip the scales at a staggering 650 to 4000 pounds per 100 square feet. Despite its lightweight nature, the Slate Rock Oxford seamlessly emulates the appearance of slate rock roofs, yet its structural integrity is enhanced by its reduced weight, rendering it less prone to damage in the event of a collapse. The installation of our Slate Rock Oxford roofs significantly alleviates stress on your residence, thereby fostering an extended lifespan for your entire abode.

feature of the Slate Rock Oxford

An outstanding feature of the Slate Rock Oxford is its ingeniously crafted interlocking design, meticulously engineered to withstand the rigors of adverse weather conditions such as rain and snowstorms. The interlock mechanism comprises aluminum rings that firmly secure the roof in place, enabling it to withstand external pressures with resilience. Furthermore, the design of Slate Rock Oxford roofs facilitates efficient snow shedding, substantially reducing the risk of water accumulation or mold formation due to their inherent water-repellent qualities. In terms of aesthetics, the Slate Rock Oxford boasts an additional four-layer PVDF coating, which not only augments its final appearance but also enhances its fire-resistant attributes.

Slate Rock Oxford Colors

We offer a wide variety of colors available for Slate Rock Oxford

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