Rustic Shingle

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Rustic Shingle

The Rustic Shingle stands out as an exceptional aluminum alloy roofing system, boasting both robust strength and timeless, classic designs that impart an exquisite finishing touch to your roof.

This roofing solution has been ingeniously crafted to replicate the rugged texture and authentic wood grains of traditional wood shake shingles. However, its advantages extend far beyond those of its wooden counterpart, positioning Rustic Shingle as the superior choice for roofing needs.

Distinguished by its sleek aesthetics, this roofing marvel offers unyielding, enduring safeguarding against a wide spectrum of weather vagaries such as hailstorms, snow accumulations, and formidable winds. Consequently, its durability surmounts that of conventional wood shake shingles by a substantial margin.

alumunium rhustic shingle

Notably, the aluminum Rustic Shingle guarantees an extended product lifespan, surpassing that of alternative roofing alternatives. By virtue of its non-wooden composition, it is virtually impervious to issues like rot, splintering, and mold proliferation. This intrinsic resistance significantly curtails annual maintenance expenses.

Incorporating a highly efficient and eco-conscious approach, Rustic Shingle boasts a coating infused with HI-R reflective pigments. This ingenious addition renders your abode energy-efficient, mitigating thermal heat gain or loss. Furthermore, these cutting-edge designs are underpinned by a composition derived from an impressive 98% recycled aluminum content. Thus, they exemplify an eco-friendly resource and can be seamlessly installed atop existing roofs, obviating the need for costly removal procedures. The selection of Rustic Shingle encompasses an array of refined and vivid color palettes, and the design is further fortified by state-of-the-art coating technology. This fortification ensures the prevention of color fading, as well as damages like peeling or cracking, preserving an immaculate appearance. With a durability that spans a lifetime, the product is accompanied by an enduring warranty, a testament to its unparalleled quality and its role as a wise, enduring investment.

Rustic Shingle Colors

We offer a wide variety of colors available for Rustic Shingles

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